Refund Policy

We offer a demo version that is almost always fully functional with all the features available and running well. When the trial period is complete, you are probably can still use our software with limited features.

Parts that are not available in this demo version, will probably have full features in the premium version. Therefore, we encourage everyone to test the Balibur software before decided to purchase.

Similarly, when you decide to buy a vehicle, you are allowed to try all the full features as well as you can drive yourself in the location you choose. If you have decided to buy after testing, then you cancel it, there are consequences you will pay. Usually on the order letter you will read "Items that have been purchased cannot be canceled". If you cancel then there will be consequences.

If you buy Balibur software without doing a trial first, we assume that you already know the advantages and disadvantages of the Balibur system. And we also assume that you agree with you agree to the terms and conditions that apply on the website. If you are given the opportunity to test a software before deciding to buy, do it until your deadline is complete!

Therefore, if you decide to buy after doing a trial period either in full or not, we can not return your money for any reason. The money that has been received cannot be refund for any complaint after the trial is completed.

If the software you buy is "Not as expected" or "Not functioning". However, we are ready to help you resolve the problem with the settings in our software. Please sent us email by Click Here and we are ready to help you find a problem and help bring it to the stage you need.

Almost every license comes with free lifetime updates, but that does not apply to Balibur software. Also keep in mind that our products are only digital products. We do not send any CDs or physical boxes and for that reason you still can not return them with a refund. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not buy anything from us.