Any quastions so far? Find the answers here.

  • Can we use our own server to store data??

    No, you cannot use your own server to save the Balibur script. All data must be stored on our server, we will give you a separate url to store your data.

  • Do you have a tutorial or video tour?

    Yes, we have video tutorials available for some of our products and also video tutorials that you can learn.

  • Can Balibur software be used for long-term leases?

    Yes, we design this software for short and long term leases. Please learn more in the demo feature that is available for free.

  • For what businesses can the Balibur software be used?

    You can use Balibur software for property businesses such as housing, hotels, apartments, office buildings, shopping centers and also villas or boarding houses.

  • Can Balibur software be use for properties in any different locations?

    We do not recommend you for that because it will make your financial statements confuse. We recommend one account for one property.

  • Is there a limit number of rooms or units for a standard account?

    No, we do not limit the number of units or rooms that you can register, but we limit it to the number of users who can access our system management properties.

  • Can Balibur software be used immediately?

    Yes, our software can be used directly but only requires a little adjustment to your property. But don nott worry because it does not change anything from our system, just enter your data.

  • Can Balibur software be customized according to our business needs?

    No, Balibur Software can not be customized according to your needs. Please try and learn our demo version whether it suits your business needs or not.

  • Is there a mobile version or mobile application available?

    We do not have a mobile version and a mobile application, but our software has been made with a mobile friendly system.

  • If we have a problem, can we ask for help?

    Yes, we will help you according to the level of problem you are facing. Remember that you give you full access to the system, so you should never delete any of the applications in this system.

  • Is there a fee if we make a mistake in running the Balibur software?

    As long as the error is not fatal, there are no fees we charge you, but if it takes a long time to repair, we may charge you extra.

  • Does Balibur often do software updates?

    We will tell you when we will do a software update, we make sure everything will work fine without any data missing from our server.

  • How many users can use Balibur software?

    See your subscription package. If you feel less, please upgrade according to your needs.