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Indonesia's Property Management System

Indonesia's Property Management System

Indonesia's Property Management System or those that are better known as PMS Hotel Indonesia not many available in the market. There are many available on the internet but none of them own by Indonesia. Our small team from created a property management system to suite yur needs. We developed this system for all types of property businesses such as hotels, apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, boarding houses, housing and warehousing.

On this occasion we offer you an Indonesian Property Management System that is truly made by Indonesian children. Our concept of thinking is very simple "works best". For that, we have a high commitment to make this property management system truly beneficial for everyone.

Basically, Building Management requires a management system that can manage few major things on Property Management & Tenancy System needs.

The system that we have developed will cover several basic things as follows:

  • Sales & Marketing Management System
  • Sales & Leasing Management System
  • Tenancy System / Reservation, Check in & Check out
  • Billing System
  • Maintenance System
  • Account Receivable & Account payable
  • Morgage Management
  • Meter Utility
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • More ...

    Benefits of Property Management System

    The benefits of using a Property Management System are extraordinary. Your company can cut a lot of costs that were previously done by humans manually, now all are managed by the system. Try to imagine, how many invoices you created every day, week or month. With a Property Management System all can be done automatically without human intervention.

This system can remind your clients when to pay bills, when the bills are due and so on. In addition this system will also make it easier for you to manage the database of guests who will check in or check out. Different reservation group features that can be easily created in just minutes.

Interesting right? What are you waiting for? register now and get special prices.

Want to know more about this system? try the free demo or contact us here!

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